Why the ICES:

In market instability in Russia a top manager first of all cuts down expenses on marketing instruments wrongly considering that such measure helps to preserve business in crisis circumstances. For sure the manager is partly right because freezing helps to survive hard times. But experience shows the following. The companies that actively portray themselves during economic instability as well as search new export markets and invest in marketing are the leaders in their sector in the post-crisis period.

Rejection of the extra money spending during hard times is one aspect and the other is professionalism of companies that provide marketing services and absorb client’s money. More often clients are not satisfied with the quality of provided services because quality-price ratio usually disappoints them. All this forms negative attitude and later leads to refusal to use different business promotion grounds.

Event industry in Russia can be considered as the example of it. Today decline in advertising is understandable and can be seen in analytic agencies reports.

There is a chaos in the event industry nowadays. Agencies offer rather expensive services declaring themselves as professionals but clients get pig in a poke. More and more clients don’t want to spend money on doubtful services that bring nothing but expenses.

Event agencies follow well-trodden path not understanding the new circumstances. Service package usually includes high priced services that are actually pennyworth or even doubtful. Moreover we face with conservatism of the main large-scale events organisers. They adhere to standard, tried and tested methods, in other worlds to routine, that only pulls back person creativity and economy of whole country or continent in macroeconomic sense!

Marketing should be an engine moving with the times. Professionalism and creativity of stuff should make marketing the unique instrument integrated into new economic and technologic progress realities. Client should get what he pays for.

Unfortunately top profit with less expenses more often became the purpose of executor. Very often clients don’t get money and forces payback invested into marketing. It is for sure that all instruments used to lure clients, partners, exhibitors and visitors have become out of date and have little influence in new business realities.