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  Long experience in promotion sphere for fuel and energy sector inspired us to create the international centre for industrial enterprises support and development. Under our direction there were held many events (business forums, conferences, business meetings) that helped many Russian industrialists to represent their business on high level in domestic market as well as to find new export markets and potential partners. Public authorities, members of the State Duma and the Federal Council many times expressed appreciation of our work.  


The aims of the ICES:

  1. To assist Russian companies in searching foreign and domestic partners and represent their interests in Russia and abroad;
  2. To organise qualitative sectoral business grounds.


 The ICES is the business platform where representatives of foreign business, government authority and industrial enterprises meet and communicate.


 The ICES is the all round nonfinancial assistance for fuel and energy sector to enter the international market.


The ICES is ready to conduct promotion in order to develop your company as well as represent it in all power structures in Russia and overseas; via foreign institutional bodies to search consumers of your products in the world market.

«The reason for founding the ICES is that electrical enterprises are weakly focus on export. Electrical industry that produces a variety of science-consuming output (including simple electric bulbs and high-powered generators) was highly developed in the USSR. The USSR was the pacesetter in this sphere exporting its products to more than 50 countries. In the 1980s the situation had changed and electrical industry found itself in unenviable plight. Many factories were closed; research-and-development centres stopped their activity. Certainly China and the US became the leaders in the industry. But we sure we can overtake and surpass them.

To achieve this goal the efforts of companies and government as well as research-and-development institutes are required.

The mission of our Centre is to restore the former glory of electrical industry and help Russian enterprises to find new markets.

We can assist any company to demonstrate itself and its production in a favourable light, make professional brand book according to company’s interests, draw attention of the public authority, media and possible business partners to your company in Russia and abroad».

A. Fenev, the Head of the International Centre for Industrial Enterprises Support and Development.


"Our Centre is the team of professionals that possess huge experience in event industry and knowledge in electric power field."
"We have clear strategy and powerful tools to develop positive image of your company in Russia and abroad."
Why the ICES:  

In market instability in Russia a top manager first of all cuts down expenses on marketing instruments wrongly considering that such measure helps to preserve business in crisis circumstances. For sure the manager is partly right because freezing helps to survive hard times. But experience shows the following. The companies that actively portray themselves during economic instability as well as search new ....